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Commonly Overlooked Problems with Lab Transport
31 Jan

Commonly Overlooked Problems with Lab Transport

Moving a laboratory or transporting temperature controlled material can be an arduous task. Biological materials and hazardous chemicals often require specialized equipment, extensive paperwork, and handling expertise when being transported. Working with a professional lab transport service can save time, money, and headaches.

Temperature Controlled Materials Are at Risk During Transport

Freeze-thaw events are well-known causes of biological material degradation. These temperature excursions can render preserved material useless and lead to a devastating loss of irreplaceable samples. Undesired thawing during transport is among the most common concerns  when trying to move a laboratory. Most standard shipping vehicles are not equipped to handle the power needs of freezers or other temperature control equipment.  While it is common to utilize temperature monitors during transport, employees at a standard moving or shipping company may not know how to rescue material if temperatures warm past the desired range. In the event of an accident or shipping delay, the average transporter has no recourse to prevent temperature controlled materials from thawing.

Biological Materials and Chemicals Are Often Classified as Hazardous

Biological materials that include infectious agents and any lab chemical that has the potential to cause harm to living things, the environment, or property, require special handling by trained and experienced professionals.  Federal and state laws regulate how these materials are transported to reduce the risk of accidents.  Regulations for moving laboratory chemicals include detailed instructions for labeling, packaging requirements, handling procedures, and operational rules.

In addition to federal regulations, many laboratory chemicals require proper documentation to travel across state lines. To avoid issues at both the state and federal level, shippers can employ the services of companies that specialize in lab moves and specifically, the handling of laboratory chemicals. Laboratory transport professionals have the trained employees, specially designed vehicles, and logistics experience to move hazardous commodities safely and efficiently.

Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Laboratory Transport

Laboratory transport professionals know how to get specialty commodities from point A to point B with the least amount of risk. By working with a laboratory transport service, shippers can rest easy knowing that their materials are in the hands of dedicated professionals with the training, equipment, and logistical support to handle any difficulties that arise along the journey.

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