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A laboratory inventory management software that receives and tracks inventory from vendors, including use in cultures and experiments; controls and tracks aliquots and solutions.


  • Create New Inventory Item
  • Search Inventory
  • Create Receiving Reports
  • Inspect Location Items
  • Print Labels
  • Tracks and Controls Consumable Inventory in Laboratories
  • Receives, Labels and Accounts for Consumable Inventory
  • Records and Tracks Lot Numbers, Shelf Life, and Critical Information about Reagents and Antibodies
  • Supports Expiration Date “FIFO” Smart Inventory Tracking to mL
  • Manages Creation, Storage and Consumption of Aliquots used in Cultures and Experiments
  • Allows Users to “Reserve” Quantities for Experiments for Active On-Hand Monitoring
  • Tracks Minimum Inventory Levels and Generates Re-Order Reminders


Controls accessioning of lab samples and specimens logged into a database; searchable based on a combination of over twenty parameters, including patient ID, sample ID, and disease; manages creation, growth and storage of cell cultures and their use in experiments.


  • View Contents
  • Create New Specimen
  • Find Specimen
  • Add Culture
  • Find Culture
  • Process Reservation
  • Add Patients
  • Controls Accessioning of All Lab Samples and Specimens
  • Uniquely Tracks Samples Through Lineage and Lifecycle
  • Forensic Tracking of “Where Used” in all Experimental Instances
  • Provides Specimen Management both Inside and Outside of the Lab
  • Provides Access to Externally Stored Samples in Specimen Repositories
  • Manages Specimen Workflow
  • Accessioning
  • Use in Protocols and Cultures
  • Shipment, Transfer and Destruction of Specimens


Relies on a protocol driven approach to improve reliability in experimental outcomes.  The software works with your laboratory’s master experimental protocols to generate a template for use in each experimental instance.


  • Create New Experiment
  • Locate Experiment
  • Create Experimental Protocols
  • Ability to Input Protocols to Enforce Standardization and Quality Control
  • Generate Customized Templates From Master for Each Experimental Instance
  • Eliminate Paper – Completely Digitized and Searchable
  • Highly Customizable to Indicate Required Steps, Required Reagents Before Moving to Next Step
  • Forensic Traceability to Identify Steps Involved, By Whom, and Where It was Placed