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Lab Moving Services Are Important for Biotech Companies – Here’s Why
20 Jul

Lab Moving Services Are Important for Biotech Companies – Here’s Why

Moving facilities can mean new growth, added space, and better infrastructure for a biotechnology company. When moving, safety and containment are paramount and organizing the move can present unique challenges.  Dealing with FDA regulations and transporting temperature-sensitive material, high-value equipment, lab chemicals, and lab animals, moving a Life Science laboratory can be a complex venture. Lab moving companies provide specialized care to accommodate the specialty needs of biotech businesses and can move with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption.

Temperature Control

Maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive material during a lab move requires highly-trained personnel that understand regulatory compliance and temperature stability. Removing temperature-sensitive materials from freezers and placing them into moving containers or onto dry ice can cause fluctuations in the temperature during transit and may affect sample integrity and viability. Moving material stored in freezers has its challenges if the proper equipment is not used and redundancies are not in place.

Qualified lab movers that specialize in moving biological collections from point A to point B can offer end-to-end solutions for lab relocations.  Professional movers use custom-built trucks that are equipped to move temperature-sensitive material in a freezer or refrigerator. They have dedicated power supplies, alarmed temperature monitoring systems, generators, and backup units in case of failure. These redundancies ensure the safety of the material and minimize the risk of compromising sample integrity and potential sample degradation.

Handling Chemicals

The proper handling and safe storage of hazardous chemicals, biological agents, and samples preserved in solvents during a lab move requires meticulousness and vigilant consideration.

Too often, the paperwork involved in a laboratory move and the improper handling of the chemicals can cause delays and headaches. Lab moving services have the required permits and are trained to complete the proper documentation so that they can package and transport lab chemicals safely. In case of an accident or spill, professional lab moving services can properly handle spilt chemicals to minimize risks and restrict loss.

Animal Transport

Aside from inanimate material transport, lab animal transport is a unique moving challenge for biotechnology companies. Lab moving services can plan the fastest and safest routes to reduce travel stress while offering environmentally controlled vehicles. Professional lab moving services are trained to handle the transport of common laboratory animals and maintain pathogen-free conditions while loading and unloading.

There are many considerations made when moving a biotechnology company, but determining how to transport the most critical components of a laboratory efficiently and safely should be top priority. Ensuring a lab move is handled by professionals that specialize in biological transport can make a move smooth and worry-free.

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