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Professional Biostorage – A Necessity for Clinical Research Organizations
11 Jun

Professional Biostorage – A Necessity for Clinical Research Organizations

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) respond to the unique demands of biotech and pharmaceutical industries to advance human health initiatives and ensure that medical research progresses. Biological material produced and used in clinical research have strict storage demands. These practices are often subject to heavy regulation over how they are handled. By partnering with a professional biostorage company, CROs can safeguard their valuable biological material with confidence.

Precise Inventory Management

An important aspect of running an effective clinical research program is tight control of biological material inventory. It is important to manage not only the real-time stock levels and status of biological materials, but also control when and by whom they are accessed. A professional biostorage company like PBMMI can help address this concern by providing a dedicated inventory management solution that meets your requirements. Inventory levels are maintained in real-time using detailed access logs and restricted access.

Dedicated Temperature Monitoring

Reliable and accurate temperature monitoring is a critical component of any clinical research program. Many biological materials and reagents must be held within specific temperature ranges to meet regulatory requirements. Reliable temperature monitoring can catch an equipment failure early on and allow staff to relocate biological material before any temperature excursions. A professional biorepository company like PBMMI can offer the most reliable temperature monitoring by ensuring equipment is maintained to manufacturers’ specifications at all time. Dedicated staff respond to temperature alarms immediately to ensure regulatory compliance.

Storage and Backup Storage

The availability of backup storage for valuable biological material and reagents in the case of an equipment failure can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and catastrophic data loss. Professional biostorage facilities such as PBMMI offer built-in redundancy measures. Disaster can be averted at the first sign of any critical systems failure.

Top Notch Equipment

The ideal storage setup would be reliably climate controlled and have enough dedicated backup generators to support all storage equipment in the face of a power outage. This equipment also needs to be professionally maintained and routinely checked to ensure continued performance. PBMMI is devoted to meeting regulatory compliant storage conditions. Highly trained staff maintain biological storage equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications.

CROs provide innumerable services that contribute to improving human health and quality of life. Partnering with a professional biostorage or biorepository company saves CROs time and money. It also provides peace of mind that their valuable biological material are safe and secure in storage.

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