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Regulated Chemical Transport
02 Jun

Regulated Chemical Transport

Properly transporting regulated chemicals to a new laboratory requires knowledge of both chemistry and US Department of Transportation (USDOT) regulations. This process can be frustrating, time consuming and even dangerous when not done properly. Regulated chemicals must be segregated and packaged by trained and licensed personnel. Most laboratory personnel have chemical knowledge but lack the understanding of USDOT regulations necessary to lawfully relocate regulated chemicals over the road. Chemical transport companies have the proper training, equipment and licensing to ensure a legal and safe transition.

Safe and legal packaging and transport of regulated lab chemicals:

Personnel training
Proper equipment

By choosing a professional company, you can focus on your other priorities and trust us to promptly package and transport all of your regulated chemicals. We understand the laws that regulate chemical transport, and we ensure that all proper certifications are in place before the move. Our employees have significant experience and knowledge and you can trust them to transport each chemical at the proper temperature and under the required conditions.

Safety is our top priority. Our employees have received thorough training and utilize the latest in safety equipment. We provide all packaging and moving equipment to minimize the risk of a chemical accident. This reduces downtime and allows your laboratory to resume work with these chemicals as soon as possible.

Our experience and friendly customer service make us a great choice for any laboratory that needs to transport regulated chemicals. We will work with you to determine how best to meet your individual needs. Our chemical transport service can easily be combined with other laboratory relocation services to streamline the entire process.

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